Can't find the time or date for your shoot in the NEWS UK Studio at MOTEL?

Your "NEWSUK" offer code works in our new Studios 1 & 2.

Click on these links, Studio 1, Studio 2, to secure these spaces at NEWS UK discount rates.

Please note that any bookings starting in the NEWS UK STUDIO (Studio 3) before 9am

or finishing after 6pm are subject to overtime charges.

Welcome to the MOTEL online booking platform. Here you can quickly and easily book your visit to London's most innovative luxury studio complex. Later in the process you will be asked to enter your credit card details and pay a small deposit. Your deposit is refundable if you cancel with more than seven days notice. Your card details will be held on file and only used in the event of non payment of your invoices. If you'd like to SAVE 15% on your booking fee, just use the offer code "UPFRONT" when you choose the PAY NOW option. Please read our terms and conditions before booking.