Online Booking FAQs

This little video will walk you

through our online system...

Q: Why can't I just call up and 'pencil' like everywhere else?

A: 1st pencils, 2nd pencils, heavy doesn’t really achieve much more than a massive confusion that results in studio managers endlessly calling clients in an effort to secure confirmations. Compounded by that, some clients ‘pencil’ 3 or 4 different studio locations when they will only ever shoot in one. That’s tough to manage and those ‘pencils’ mean that it may be you who wants to shoot here, but can’t book.

At MOTEL, when you use our online booking service, your studio is booked. Your space is guaranteed and you can get on with producing the rest of your project. If you cancel more than 7 days in advance, we don’t charge you. Cancel within 7 days and we reserve the right to charge. Please see our Shoot Terms & Conditions for a breakdown of our cancellation charges.

Q: Why am I being asked to enter my credit card details?

A: Budgets are king these days and by removing the administration costs associated with delivering invoicing and reminders etc, we are able to offer generous savings on your production spend.  If you become an account customer or have good existing credit status with us we will happily send you a client code* that bypasses the credit card requirement.

Q: What are Client Codes?

A: Client Codes can be entered when placing your booking. They can apply discounts and/or remove the need to enter credit card details. They are available for regular clients and organisations who we have a working relationship with. To apply for a client code please email

Q: Can I reschedule/cancel my booking online?

A: Absolutely yes. It's really easy. When you book your studio you will receive a confirmation email. In the body of that email you will see link buttons that allow you to reschedule or cancel straight from your desktop or IOS device. Remember you can change or cancel your booking for free up to seven days in advance. We'll also send you a reminder a day before your booking becomes chargeable...just to be sure you're committed to your shoot dates and you don't get charged unnecessarily.

Q: I want to book months in advance, why can’t I?

A: In our experience, a shoot date which falls a month or more in the future will very often change. So to avoid you having to find your confirmation email from weeks ago and change your dates, we’re keeping the online booking service to a manageable window of time. If you have a firm date further in the future that you want to confirm now, Just drop us an email on

Q: Does this mean I won't have someone phoning me every 12 hours asking me to confirm my booking??? And I can cancel from my mobile with two clicks?

A: It means exactly that :)

Q: Ok I like it can, can you show me how to book?

A: Yup, just watch the video at the top of the page…