Your new calendar and booking system:

From Monday 20th November the existing NEWS UK @ MOTEL, Google Calendar will become VIEW ONLY. You can use this calendar within your browser as you do now to quickly see what dates are available. The execution of booking the space will take place at the following link:

The new system allows you to book shoot slots from 2 hours through to 9 hours in duration. You can easily reschedule and cancel bookings via links in the confirmation email you receive when you complete your booking. Additionally, any cancellation to a booking will create an email correspondence with your colleagues within NEWS UK to let them know that the previously booked slot has become available. This new method of booking ensures that your space cannot be double booked. Once you’ve booked the space, it cannot be booked by anyone else. Whenever you shoot reschedule or cancel your booking, the released time slot will immediately show as available in the booking page. NB Please remember to use your NEWSUK offer code when booking. 

The new booking page also allows you to book our new spaces, Studio1 & Studio 2, at heavily discounted rates. To help you manage the additional budget spend associated with booking studios outside of your contract, we’re giving you access to a variety of shoot times ranging from just 2 hours. Please be aware that these spaces are OUTSIDE of your contract and as such are subject to our cancellation policies, overtime charges an our standard terms and conditions. However you can still easily cancel and reschedule your bookings via the links in the confirmation email you receive from us. NB Please remember to use your NEWSUK offer code when booking.


Your new ‘On The Day’ catering.

Also from Monday 20th November, those of you wishing to arrange shoot catering on the day of your shoot will be able to take advantage of the vast range of services from Deliveroo via the MOTEL Deliveroo Corporate account. By simply ordering via the iPad in your studio, and activating the “Use Company Allowance’ option in the checkout page, your food will be delivered straight to you within the time specified at order. If you want to use this facility, please go to the SHOOT CATERING page on our site, in advance of your visit, and select the Deliveroo option. Tell us how much budget you would like to assign, and we will ensure that your crew can’t spend more than that amount during your visit. Your orders will be subject to a 10% admin surcharge but you’ll be glad to hear that this additional 10% spend has already been signed off by management. The SHOOT CATERING page is where you will now order your advance shoot catering. The order process is exactly the same, only the page address has changed. As always, remember to use your NEWSUK offer code when ordering.


Our New Studios...your new studios.

Many of you have noticed that our new spaces, Studio 1 & Studio 2 are now complete and already accommodating guests. If you haven’t had the tour, please ask a member of staff to walk you through the studios and show you the facilities.


Your mega fast wifi

You probably haven't noticed but installed 100mb upload and download internet access via the new wifi network and password in your studio. The Network ID and Password is displayed on the wall in your space. Enjoy!


Your Feedback Form

As I said earlier, our relationship with you and all of the NEWS UK teams is very important to us. For that reason, I hope you will take a few minutes to fill out the feedback form at this link: Feedback

Unless you tell us where we are succeeding or failing, it is hard for us to know where and how to improve. You can choose not to provide your name when you complete the form if you would prefer your comments to remain anonymous.


Still to Come:

We plan to move your lighting hire onto our online ordering system in the near future. This will give you greater control of your budget as any orders placed online can be email cc’d to you or any head of department, letting you know what has been spent by your commissioned 3rd parties. We are ever watchful of your budget cap on lighting hire and we will continue to communicate with any of your commissioned crews who attempt to exceed it. 



I am very aware that the travelling up and down stairs by the MOTEL staff is irksome for some of you. To completely rectify this we will need to undertake a substantial rebuild to create a staircase to our offices beside the Long Street entrance. This will be extremely disruptive for both of us. Until we find a realistic time to schedule this in, our staff are under clear instructions not to cross your studio (With the exception of resident studio assistants). We understand that this is an issue for many of you. If I could devise a quick fix I would. Until we rebuild, our staff will minimise traffic up and down stairs as much as possible. Our new offices above Studio 2 will be completed in December. At this point, half of our team will be moving over there, further reducing the number of people using the offices above your space.


Once again, thank you for your support

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John Wright