Motel Studios x William Redgrove


Motel Studios gets much of its character from its unique East London location under railway arches 406, 407 and 408. This provides the bones for the minimal, industrial atmosphere we have created here. Each studio is a light, spacious environment for creating the photo shoot or event you have been imagining.

In order to ensure each studio is a blank slate for building exactly what you have visualised, we keep the elements inside select and minimal. To complement the minimal interiors of our studios, William Redgrove created a colourful collage of organic shapes and objects on the wall of Arch 406. The striking mural reflects the lively, artistic nature of Hoxton and Hackney, as well as the energy that exists inside our studios. William created a stunning feature that transformed and defined Motel Studios' presence in the arches, and we couldn't be prouder to show off his work.