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product launches


Product Launches

World leading brands are amongst the regular guests taking advantage of our mixed ambience of urban luxury and East London vibe. Our Hackney base provides a special location for brands to bring their products to market and assert a progressive, cutting edge brand image. Our production office facility, 100mb wifi access, 63 amp 3 phase/32 amp single phase power and the general loading bays in our drive-in studios help any production go smoothly. 

Drive In Studio (Hire)   Hackney
Daylight Studio (Hire) East London

Come see how MOTEL can work for you...

Daylight Studio (Hire)   Shoreditch




MOTEL and its cutting edge East London location brings a flavour of urban chic to your celebration. Tucked away discreetly on the border of Shoreditch and Hackney, our spaces mix a sense of hidden luxury with the grittiness of our location, creating an industrial chic atmosphere in the back streets of vibrant East London. 


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