Should we convert our east London studio to a velodrome?

As a group of photographers and filmmakers who are obsessed with cycling, we were really excited to see the release of Kaleidoscope. There is many a time that I have thought about converting our east London rental studio into a skate park, or even installing a mini velodrome!

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Yet again, Red Bull have taken things to another level. Creating an amazing video combining an op art style set build, beautiful cinematography and spectacular riding from Scottish BMX rider Kriss Kyle.

Kaleidoscope is a beautiful film to watch, but if you are like me, you instantly start analysing how they put together the sequences. Luckily there is a behind-the-scenes, giving you a glimpse of the gear and scale of the production involved. Shot in 4K with the likes of the MoVI Gimbal and a Technocrane, it's got me thinking about what our set builders could come up with at Motel. Likewise, if you are inspired, get in touch and see how Motel can help you with your next shoot! We have extensive lighting and digital hire facilities and would love to help you out.

The BTS is called Part 1, so lets hope there is a part 2 on the way!


Velo Club Motel is the cycling club of east London photographic rental studio Motel.