Despite the fact that I'm a little bit obsessed with the Hour record, I managed to arrange a trip to Newcastle that meant I was on a train during Bradley Wiggins' successful attempt on Sunday. He was successful and smashed the record, but it's generally accepted that he could have gone a lot further if the air pressure was lower. From now on, whenever I'm not quite as fast as I would like, I will blame the air pressure.


We got a nice ride in while we were up North, taking in some lovely scenery and one of the mast gruelling climbs I have ever done. On another day it would have been beautiful, but with a block headwind, the 5km climb felt like it went on for ever. I think it's the first time ever I have been dead last on a strava segment. We also stopped of in a village that was over run with weird scarecrow type things. Apparently it is just something that they do.