This week we have a guest post from Ger, on her first ride out on a fully geared up road bike. It's actually from a couple of weeks ago, but she has been out on the bike every weekend since so I think she's addicted. 


After pounding the pavement for years as a runner and finally realising it is in fact an incredibly lonely, painfully high impact sport, I got my very first road bike. Dabbling a couple of times last summer I felt smug and confident on the May bank holiday nipping out to Southend with Richard and Colin.

My bubble was quickly burst when I  slipped into some very intense Lycra, (it takes a wee bit off getting used to). Another bump was a passive aggressive comment from a bike shop owner suggesting he look after the expensive bikes (Colin and Richard's) out back, turning his nose up at my starter steed. To be fair he did appear to be dead inside. All that silly frivolity fell away, however, when we were actually out on the bikes. The guys patiently paced me up hills, blocked a ferocious head wind and got me thinking about my gears. Highlights included Colin singing tunes from Les miserable and jumping on the boys train like a bad b*#%€h. Their kind encouragement worked a treat, I've been out for three long rides since and can't wait for the next.