I usually end up navigating on rides and since leading a group of cyclists down a dead end, or the wrong way up a steep hill end isn't very popular, I tend to plan and stick to a set route. 

When you ride on your own however, there is a real sense of freedom that comes from setting off without a set route. You obviously have an idea of where you are and which way home is, but you are willing to take a turn just because you like the look of a road, even if it ends up as a dead end.

I was going to write a post about the correlation between bad drivers and 'Vote UKIP' signs, but I found no evidence to back up my rather rash theory. In fact, I saw someone taken out by a car door in Hackney before I even set off, and the driver didn't strike me as a UKIP voter. 

Anyway, to summarise, cycling wherever you feel like is really fun and of course I ignored the road closed sign in the above picture.