The title refers to two sporting events that took place this weekend. Firstly, it is the title of a documentary made about the biggest one day race of the year - Paris Roubaix. The race is brutal, with many cobbled sections that make for an amazing spectacle. 

Velo Club Motel's riders David and Greg entered the Rapha Hell of the North ride, arranged as a tribute to Paris Roubaix  with a selection of suitably rough roads. They both survived with only one puncture I think, they even had a quick lap of the velodrome in Welwyn Garden City.


The other sporting event happening was the Brighton Marathon. On Sat, Richard and myself set off to ride to Brighton in order to cheer on a friend, Ger who was running on the Sunday. After a pretty inauspicious start (having to repair a puncture in the rain 500m after we set off) we were on our way and the weather soon took a turn for the better and we even caught the sun a bit.

Sunday saw us working our way around the marathon course in order to support Ger as much as we could, and also enjoying the sun (she finished, and was still smiling at the end). The title of this blog therefor also refers to all the insane people who decided to run a marathon, especially the guy who was running in bare feet and the person with a rhino on his back!

If you would like to sponsor Ger, just click here.