The team's hill climb specialist David Ross entered back to back races 2 weekends ago. The famous Catford and Bec hill climbs took place on the same day, just a few miles apart. Each race had 150 entrants with with a couple of pros, the national hill climb champion and lot of specialists competing. David came 31st on Catford and 42nd on Bec.

Hill climb competitions are a very british form of cycling, held at the end of the season, as the leaves have begun to fall. Organisers choose a particularly brutal hill and competitors turn themselves inside out trying to get to the top as fast as possible. It's quite fun in a masochist way. 


On the 19th October, both David and Colin Ross competed in the ELV hill climb. David came an impressive 5th while Colin came a commendable 17th out of a field of around 45.