So it's that time of year again. The part where it's dark when you get up for work and already dark when you leave. But on the bright side it's also the peak time for chocolate and sweet offers in the supermarkets, so it's not all bad. What is also means is you getting invited to parties in which dressing up is "optional" but do you really want to be the only killjoy who didn't? Well here we are to help inspire you with a few costumes all centred around photography!

1) Instagram Panel

East London Photo studio

If you're looking for a fairly simple low cost outfit (which doesn't require you being stuck in a polyester suit all night) then here's a great idea. Get yourself a printer and a large piece of white card and you're away. Bonus points for the clever comments and "likes" as seen in this example. 

2) Photo Strip

East London Photo studio

Here's another great last minute idea! Aside from the daunting passport picture experience, photo booths are a classic night out experience. So why not make yourself into the result?! A simple piece of cardboard and a few snaps of yourself seem to be all thats required for you to pull together a unique last minute costume.

3) Camera costume

East London Photo Studio

So here's the holy grail of photography costumes. A fully functioning Nikon D3 costume. Yep, fully functioning. It actually flashes, it actually takes a picture and it actually shows it to you on its LCD screen on the back. Of course this is probably more work than most people want to put into a costume, but it's something to aim for. Check out the video below of how he put it together!

So there we have it, three great ideas to get you going this spooky season! Hopefully you can take these ideas and put your own spin on therm to create something even better.


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