Congrats, you made it through the festive season! 

Through all the food, alcohol and charades with your grandparents, and you've now found yourself in this crazy place called "2016".

And here you are, probably looking for something to spend all that hard earned Christmas gift money on, right? Well it seems like Nikon are ready tease you with two brand new camera bodies: one we kinda expected, but the other? It took nearly everyone by surprise, and it's no wonder.

Say hello to the D5 and D500. 

The D5 is the obvious next step from the 2 year old D4S, with many new features which should keep professional photographers snapping for years to come. The headlines being a 20.8 megapixel Nikon developed sensor, the faster 12 FPS continuous shooting, which can capture up to 200 14 uncompressed RAW files. It also now has a massive 153 AF points, which makes focusing an absolute breeze. Continuing on the crazy stats run, the ISO goes up to 102, 400 but can be expanded all the way to 3,276, 800. Yep, I promise I didn't add another digit to that stat. The other headlines worth mentioning are the touch screen LCD and the ability to shoot 4K video, a first on a Nikon DSLR. As more photographers are tasked with producing video, it's great to see Nikon giving it's pro users the ability to capture top quality video. There are some limitations to this, as the camera seems to be limited to 3 minute video files when shooting 4K, however you can record externally via the HDMI which should give you longer recording times. 

Check out a sample video shot in 4K on the new D5.

Now the camera that people weren't expecting...

It's been a while since the release of the last flagship for the DX line of APS-C cameras, the D300S in 2009. So you could forgive some Nikon fans for giving up hope on a replacement, well it's here and it's the D500. 

The headlines on this are actually that it shares most of its insides with the flagship D5. It has the same 153 point AF system, along side the same EXPEED processor with a 20.5mp sensor.  It's continuous shooting drops a little to 10fps, and has a 79 frame buffer, even in 14-bit uncompressed RAW. Some other nice headlines are the inclusion of Wifi, a tilting touch screen and 4K video. All this inside a metal, weather sealed body. Although this camera is aimed at "enthusiasts" it's clear that lots of pro's will see this as a great little workhorse or second body. The camera also benefits form Nikons new SnapBridge tech, this allows the camera to permanently connect to a smart device allowing the transfer of files automatically. Finally the camera has two card slots, one SD and one for the faster XQD format. 

Check out a sample images below, as well as just how fast 10FPS is!

Image credit - Todd Owyoung

Image credit - Todd Owyoung

As well as these two great additions to it's lineup, Nikon announced a new SB-5000 speedlight. This is the first of it's kind to use radio frequency rather than infrared. This means operation is no longer hampered by corners and having to keep a plain line of sight. This lets you hide your lights in all sorts of creative places not before possible. 

It's a great start to the year for Nikon, who have entered 2016 at full speed. We're loving some of the features such as 4K video being introduced here, and although not everything is perfect, there are enough strides taken to convince people to upgrade. Here's to hoping we dont have to wait another 7 years for the next D500 though!


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