East London Photographic Studio

Square photos will always have a place in our hearts. From those old polaroids of our young selves, to beautiful 6x6 medium format portraits. The square format is great.

We clearly still love it to this day seeing as square image sharing app Instagram has over 300 million active users. But some of us can feel a little limited by the shape. Sometime we shoot lovely wide landscapes and want to be able to show our friends where we are. Sometimes we just want to get all of our friends faces in the frame. Up till now, the only way around this way by using 3rd party apps to resize and shape our images. But thats a sloppy way to get what we want. 

Well now it seems that the folks over at Insta' have finally decided they feel the same. You can now share your images in their full glory. No more missing friends or cramped landscapes. It's a simple but huge change which can make the service much easier and more useful for photographers wanting to share their work with millions of people. 

Simply download the new update to break out of that square. And speaking of Instagram, why don't you give us a follow!