As social media continues its journey into every corner of our lives, some people embrace it more than others. You may get sick of seeing your old school friends on a "lads" holiday, and those horrible lovey-dovey status' people do because "they're sooo lucky to have each other". Weddings usually get a pass because, although they remind me I'm getting older, they're a rare event so they can have their moment (Although people who continually keep you updated with every detail before the big day will find themselves on the blocked list) 

But what about the opposite? Divorce is unfortunately common these days, and aside from a few snarky comments on social media, it goes relatively unmentioned. Some people think thats the way it should be, airing dirty laundry in public and all that. But others are starting to share this out in the open. They're called Divorce selfies, of course. 

A new "viral" online occurrence seems to have popped up very quickly. It seems some couples who's married life has come to an end, are not ready to give up the friendship. And as strange as it sounds, maybe this is a great way to deal with the issue of divorce. For such a negative subject, it's actually quite refreshing to see both sides of the relationship looking somewhat happy about their decision. Obviously this will never work for all relationships, but for the ones where it does, I for one actually encourage this act of social media (over)sharing. 

It's interesting how even in 2015 photography continues to change and become relevant in different ways. This would have never been possible before the advent of front facing cameras on phones, and places to easily share them with your friends. Just when we think we've done it all, another "trend" or style comes along and shakes up what we think we know. The power of photography should never be underestimated, and although some people may roll their eyes at posts like this, it's great to see people embracing the medium for positive effect.

Check out some of the posts below and decide for yourself how you feel about this very 21st century trend...