One of the hardest things for budding amateur photographers is getting good equipment to get themselves started. Although prices for beginner DSLR kits have come down a lot over the years, they still set you back a few hundred pounds. Aside from a decent camera body, lenses are the most important part of any photographers kit. Just looking at the prices of some brand new zoom lenses can be enough to put some pro's off investing thousands into a couple lenses. 

Being able to cover a variety of situations is very important for any photographer, which is why zoom lenses are so popular. One of the problems with zoom lenses aside from inital cost is their quality when compared to primes. Generally, prime lenses are able to produce cleaner and sharper images. They also weigh less, which is useful when you're not able to carry loads of equipment. And in terms of aperture, you will find manual prime lenses are a lot faster than their zoom counterparts. Another great reason to buy manual lenses is just how adaptable and inexpensive they are. With branded lenses you are severely limited to which cameras you can use them with. But with older manual lenses it is much easier to use them across a variety or brands and types of cameras. Also it is easy to pick up full sets (E.g. 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 105mm) for the price of one modern zoom lens. Plus, with more and more people shooting videos with their DSLR, manual lenses can give a much more cinematic look to a video. 

If you're wanting to try new things and expand your equipment collection, you need to give manual prime lenses a chance, you may save yourself a bundle of cash and find a new favourite focal length!