Found Polaroids is a collection of over 600 polaroids that have been collected by photographer Kyler Zeleny. We don't know where Kyler found all of the lost polaroids, but they are fascinating to look through.

Each polaroid tells a story, even if we don't know what that might be, and Kyler is asking members of the public to write and submit their own stories about any of the photos that take your fancy. He says that "Quality writing paired with these lovely images can be moving, and helps give life back to images that might otherwise find themselves in a waste bin." and we couldn't agree more!

Not only had Kyler created a new body of work he is also on a mission to reunite the subjects of the photos with the actual polaroids themselves, where possible.
He invites you to get in touch if you find your own self staring back out of one of the images, or you recognize some one or somwehere, then drop him an email -

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