FEBRUARY 2016: Everything I Own or Bags of Life, Strand, by David Tovey.

Homelessness is a problem all over the world, and unfortunately London is no exception to that. Thankfully Charities and individuals are out there doing their best to raise money and awareness for this issue. 

OCTOBER 2016: West End Bird, Westminster, by Zin Vaitiekunas.

Cafe Art are one of those doing it in a different way. Rather than simply raise money and donate they have organised the My London Calendar. The idea is simple. Distribute 100 single use cameras to people affected by homelessness and let them document the city of London from their own viewpoint. From the thousands of images returned, hold a vote for the 13 to be included in the calendar. It's straight forward idea but judging from the reactions of the participants, it's doing more than just raising awareness, it's changing lives. 

SEPTEMBER 2016: Left Boot, East London, by Ellen Rostant

SEPTEMBER 2016: Left Boot, East London, by Ellen Rostant

The project is also being funded on Kickstarter, and we're happy to say that has already raised well over their target amount. There is still plenty of time to donate, so check out their video below to find out more. Hopefully seeing some of the images here has inspired you to go out and look at London again with fresh eyes.