We're sat in our Shoreditch photo studio watching the sun set earlier and earlier, wrapping up warm and scoffing mince pies, which can only mean one thing...It’s coming up to the festive season! Time for all you photographers to start writing your christmas lists. 

Unfortunately many of us won’t be expecting to find a new Leica SL under the tree, but we can dream right? Here we list a gift ideas for that happy snapper in your life, which won't make you take out a loan to buy them! 

  1. Phone lenses 
East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

 Now that pretty much all of us carry cameras in our pockets 24/7 in the shape of a phone, photography has never been more accessible. But no matter how many megapixels your phone has, it will always be behind a true DSLR in terms of quality due to the limitations of the lens. 

Thankfully help is at hand in the form of these lovely little cameraphone lenses. They suddenly give you the option to shoot macro pictures, as well as lovely wide fish eye shots! Prices start from around £13 for a single lens, so they can make great stocking fillers!

Take a peek here

2) Polaroids from your iPhone

East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

We all still love polaroids. They seem to have a special charm which no other camera can quite capture. Unfortunately, they aren't always practical. That's where the Instant Lab from the impossible project comes into play. It uses photos from your phone to make real polaroids. Yes, you too can shake it like a polaroid picture, well, because it is one!

Shake it like a polaroid picture here

3) Rode Video mic

East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

Now that many affordable DSLRs can shoot HD video, many photographers are trying their hand at cinematography. Unfortunately, while the video looks great, the audio can often be lacking due to poor built in microphones. Thankfully their are cheap and easy options to greatly improve this. The Rode GO mic attaches to the hot-shoe and connects through a 3.5mm jack which nearly all DSLR cameras will have. A great gift for someone who's looking to get into video. 

Listen in here

4) Sandisk Card -

East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

Whilst this isn’t the most exciting gif out there, it's one of the most useful. What good is the latest camera if you have nothing to store those amazing images on?! Plus with DSLRs shooting video up to 4k these days, you’ll need a fast card that can handle all that data!

Store your memories here

5) Go Pro hero - 

East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

Go Pro is a name thats become synonymous with action sports recording. But you don’t have to be skiing down a mountain or swimming with jellyfish to warrant owning one of these. The low cost option linked here still produces great 1080p files and 5mp stills. Plus it is ready to stand up to nearly any challenge as it is totally water and shock proof. Having one of these in your bag can help you capture things simply not possible with DSLRs. In a photography setting they can be great for setting up and producing a time lapse of your shoot! At this price point, it’s a great little option. 

Capture everything here

So there we have it, 5 great gifts which could make you the most popular person on christmas morning! 

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