Ever had the sudden, overwhelming desire to email a young man and request to date his 69 year old Norwegian mother?


So he spent a year secretly filming her and sent it out into the world to ask people if they can help. In the caption for the video, titled “Looking For Adam,” Lyngaas says: “I would like to introduce you to my mother, Eva, who’s single and deserves a good man.” Eva is a 69-year-old from the Czech Republic who lives in Norway. “The last couple of years she’s been trying to find love, and even gone on a few dates, but it just hasn’t worked out,” Lyngaas explains. So the Oslo resident wants to help, and thinks finding someone who shares some of his mom’s many interests is a good place to start... 


Without further ado, here she is. Eva. In all her glory. We would like to thank BuzzFeed for enlightening us of this incredible story and of course Lyngaas for introducing us to Eva.

If you think you could be Eva’s knight in shining armour, Lyngaas is accepting emails at icouldbeadam@gmail.com.