Vera wang has displayed her Spring 2016 Bridal Collection in this new short film directed by Gordon von Steiner. The film, entitled Hotel Madrid, is set in what appears to be an abandoned, vintage-esque house, with several models dressed in lace lingerie and wedding gowns. The statuesque models are in a lackadaisical, dream-like state, as they lounge across beds and gracefully sashay down dimly lit hallways. 


The video in its entirety has a surreal and suspenseful feel to it. As the music builds up towards the end, a model breaks out into a dramatic flamenco-inspired routine, while wearing a black lace wedding gown.

This short film is a refreshing shift from the traditional representation of bridal attire. Seeing delicate lace gowns juxtaposed against a somewhat eerie setting, allows viewers to appreciate bridal attire in a rarely seen light.