Our twitter has erupted with an array of disgruntled photographers ferociously hash-tagging #LightroomCC. Of course, we quickly discovered the new Lightroom was soon to be dropping so we had a snoop on what people were saying. Here's what we discovered...

Leading photographer Ryan Brenzier has written a great post about his personal experience with the new software. 

'Lightroom CC has several major new features and enhancements, the most obvious being in-application panorama rendering, HDR, face recognition, and speed increases. These enhancements and others are diverse enough that most people will be really excited for some new features, and care little for others (although we all love more speed). Given that I am best known in some circles for inventing and popularizing a panorama technique, it’s not hard to guess that I was most keenly interested in the panorama features. But the devil is in the details, and after a few weeks I found myself using Lightroom in ways I hadn’t imagined.'

To read the rest of this post follow the link below... 

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