Our New Services: Spring 2017

We're excited to share with you the new features and services that are available here at MOTEL. We now provide  full event production, new AV equipment, and have recently installed secure parking.

Also some fabulous new clients have chosen MOTEL in the heart of Shoreditch for their media productions and exciting events. Read on to find out more...


As MOTEL has become part of the  media and creative landscape of East London, we've increasingly been called upon to host corporate and social events for our clients. Brands like EDWIN, PUMA, VANITY FAIR, BBC WORLDWIDE and countless discerning individuals have chosen to launch products, hold seminars or entertain friends and colleagues amidst the unique ambience of our East London Photographic space. With our experience of such a broad range of events it is only natural that we now offer event and photographic production services. In recent weeks we've seen VIRGIN light the surrounding streets with festoon bulbs, dressed our space as an exotic casbah and 'world traveller' experience, and seen overworked members of the press run for miles with our client OAKLEY eyewear...

Cocktails o'clock as VIRGIN Start Up arrived at MOTEL in Shoreditch...

Cocktails o'clock as VIRGIN Start Up arrived at MOTEL in Shoreditch...

VIRGIN Start Up embracing the Urban Vibe that surrounds MOTEL here in Shoreditch.

VIRGIN Start Up embracing the Urban Vibe that surrounds MOTEL here in Shoreditch.

VIRGIN Start Up chose MOTEL as the venue to celebrate their anniversary and showcased success stories from their supprt programme for new business.

VIRGIN Start Up chose MOTEL as the venue to celebrate their anniversary and showcased success stories from their supprt programme for new business.


We've installed a UHD Monitor with HDMI connectivity to allow our photographic guests to review their shoot material in beautiful High Definition. Ideal in the context of events for video conferencing, product launches, pop up presentations etc. or of course, kitten video on Youtube will work too :)


We saw the installation of a state of the art running machine for the launch of Oakley's new 'Radar' sunglasses which had clients jogging along wearing the shades that feature a heart monitor system.



We're happy to offer our guests secure parking bays with locking bollards at our Cremer Street entrance. Park with us all day and know your vehicle is 'locked in' till you're ready to leave.




The Social Returns!

Having taken a backseat for a large part of this year, last Thursday saw the big return of the much-beloved MOTEL Social! Check out what went down...



ComeOn! Casino Event at Motel

The team at ComeOn! recently blazed into Motel, equipped with giant penguins and glittering lions, to transform our versatile event space into a glitzy Casino Night of fun and entertainment. 

With ComeOn! being renowned for their ability to entertain customers and heighten the thrill of any live sporting event, it was no different for their exclusive private event at Motel. 

With an impressive bar set up, casino themed props, well-stocked food trucks, rolling dice, roulette wheels, and guests dressed to the nines, the energy of the night was electric.

View some snaps from the night below.

We're always excited by the different types of events that are hosted in our East London venue. With easily accessible links to public transport, our event space is conveniently located in the heart of Shoreditch, mere minutes from Hoxton, Old Street and Shoreditch High Street stations. From private parties to launch nights, music gigs to conference. Motel is one of London's most versatile event hire spaces. 

If you're thinking of hosting an event at our unique venue, why not drop us a line today? Or call us on 0800 0 14 8674 to arrange a day to pop in.

We look forward to welcoming you to Motel!



Vulkan Magazine

Photographer Marc Rogoff took over Motel for 2 days to create these beautiful images for the series entitled 'Denim Noire' for Vulkan Magazine.
This was a big shoot for Motel with the set build also created and installed by our in-house team.
Check out some more snaps from the shoot below.

Photographer: Marc Rogoff
Publication: Vulkan Magazine
Set Build: Motel Studios

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Emma Willis for YOU Magazine

The lastest issue of YOU Magazine featuring the stunning Emma Willis on the cover, shot in the main studio here at MOTEL.

Photographic studio in east london shoreditch 
photo studio east london
photography studio shoreditch

Photographer: Elisabeth Hoff
Stylist: Hannah Macleod
Make-up: Amanda Bowen
Hair: Louis Byrne
Picture Editor: Ester Malloy
Publication: YOU Magazine

If you would like to shoot here at MOTEL, why not pop in and visit us?
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Sleek Lip VIP

Shoreditch photographic studio 

We are loving this shot for the latest Sleek Lip VIP Campaign shot by Motel regular Fern Berresford.
The bold colours and blunt edges really make the product pop!

Motel were also lucky enough to shot a behind the scenes film for this shoot too.
Take a look at all the action below....

If you would like your own Behind The Scenes film why not get in touch with us on to see what we can offer.
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Stylist Magazine comes to Shoreditch

We were lucky enough to have the team from Stylist magazine over here in East London, shooting for their current fashion issue.

Photographed by Motel regular Helen McArdle, the focus of this shoot was the merging of pyjamas meets fashion. Using rich bold coloured backgrounds that complement the clothing and some great textured layering, the resulting images are really striking.

East london photography fashion studio
Shoreditch east london photo studio
photographic studio in east london
east london photographic studio

Publication: Stylist Magazine
Photographer: Helen McArdle
Stylist: Lucy Reber

If you would like to shoot here at MOTEL, why not pop in and visit us? Take advantage of our fantastic central Shoreditch location and the excellent lighting packages and digital hire we can offer! 



New Year, New Nikons

Congrats, you made it through the festive season! 

Through all the food, alcohol and charades with your grandparents, and you've now found yourself in this crazy place called "2016".

And here you are, probably looking for something to spend all that hard earned Christmas gift money on, right? Well it seems like Nikon are ready tease you with two brand new camera bodies: one we kinda expected, but the other? It took nearly everyone by surprise, and it's no wonder.

Say hello to the D5 and D500. 

The D5 is the obvious next step from the 2 year old D4S, with many new features which should keep professional photographers snapping for years to come. The headlines being a 20.8 megapixel Nikon developed sensor, the faster 12 FPS continuous shooting, which can capture up to 200 14 uncompressed RAW files. It also now has a massive 153 AF points, which makes focusing an absolute breeze. Continuing on the crazy stats run, the ISO goes up to 102, 400 but can be expanded all the way to 3,276, 800. Yep, I promise I didn't add another digit to that stat. The other headlines worth mentioning are the touch screen LCD and the ability to shoot 4K video, a first on a Nikon DSLR. As more photographers are tasked with producing video, it's great to see Nikon giving it's pro users the ability to capture top quality video. There are some limitations to this, as the camera seems to be limited to 3 minute video files when shooting 4K, however you can record externally via the HDMI which should give you longer recording times. 

Check out a sample video shot in 4K on the new D5.

Now the camera that people weren't expecting...

It's been a while since the release of the last flagship for the DX line of APS-C cameras, the D300S in 2009. So you could forgive some Nikon fans for giving up hope on a replacement, well it's here and it's the D500. 

The headlines on this are actually that it shares most of its insides with the flagship D5. It has the same 153 point AF system, along side the same EXPEED processor with a 20.5mp sensor.  It's continuous shooting drops a little to 10fps, and has a 79 frame buffer, even in 14-bit uncompressed RAW. Some other nice headlines are the inclusion of Wifi, a tilting touch screen and 4K video. All this inside a metal, weather sealed body. Although this camera is aimed at "enthusiasts" it's clear that lots of pro's will see this as a great little workhorse or second body. The camera also benefits form Nikons new SnapBridge tech, this allows the camera to permanently connect to a smart device allowing the transfer of files automatically. Finally the camera has two card slots, one SD and one for the faster XQD format. 

Check out a sample images below, as well as just how fast 10FPS is!

Image credit - Todd Owyoung

Image credit - Todd Owyoung

As well as these two great additions to it's lineup, Nikon announced a new SB-5000 speedlight. This is the first of it's kind to use radio frequency rather than infrared. This means operation is no longer hampered by corners and having to keep a plain line of sight. This lets you hide your lights in all sorts of creative places not before possible. 

It's a great start to the year for Nikon, who have entered 2016 at full speed. We're loving some of the features such as 4K video being introduced here, and although not everything is perfect, there are enough strides taken to convince people to upgrade. Here's to hoping we dont have to wait another 7 years for the next D500 though!


If you need a place to test out these exactly what these two bodies are capable of, why not book out a test rate shoot at MOTEL? We also can offer you lighting and set build services if required. Why not pop us over an email to us at to see what we can do for you!



Gentleman's Journal shoots in our East London studio

It was our pleasure to have the team from The Gentleman's Journal shooting in our Shoreditch based photographic studio a few weeks ago, and what a shoot it was!

For their first visit here the Gents Journal folks brought along some absolutely stunning pieces of jewellery, which were then expertly modeled against bare skin to really show off the true beauty of the pieces. It was a very glamorous day in the studio!

east london photographic studio

Publication: The Gentleman's Journal
Photographer: Jimmy Donelan
Styling: Holly Macnaghten
MUA: Amber Pitkin
Hair: Jordan Leigh

east london photography studio

If you would like to shoot here at MOTEL, why not pop in and visit us? Take advantage of our fantastic central Shoreditch location and the excellent lighting packages and digital hire we can offer! 



Think you can follow Ansel Adams?

Anyone who has studied photography in the slightest will know the name Ansel Adams. One of the most renowned photographers of all time, his beautiful black and white images of American national park landscapes are instantly recognisable. 

It has been the dream of many aspiring photographers to follow in those footsteps, and now it seems to be possible. The US National Parks service has posted a job listing looking for the next Ansel Adams. There's just one small catch, you can use your brand spanking new digital gear, but they also want the successful applicant to be able to use Large format just like Adam's did. For those who have been through most photography university courses, this may be a bit of a problem. Over the last decade film labs in universities have been closing down and focusing more and more on digital, leaving few photographers with the required skills. 

However, if you're an American looking to earn around $100,000, one for large format and you're ok with "physical exertion such as long periods of standing; walking over rough or rocky surfaces; recurring bending, crouching, or stretching; and recurring lifting of moderately heavy equipment and materials." then get applying! 

If shooting in Shoreditch is more your thing, then why not come and visit us here at MOTEL.
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Grab those last minute deals

So over the last few years a weird "holiday" called Black Friday has made it's way over the pond from our American friends. Although there are deals out there, images of people fighting over TVs and sandwich toasters has turned many people off the idea.  Whatever your opinion on this, a bargin is still a bargin! So on that note, here are some of the best ones we've turned up. With only a couple hours left, it's time to go grab that credit card. 

1) Sony A7 


When Sony released their A7 line, it made some serious waves among photographers, and for good reason. Light, compact with a 24 megapixel full Frame sensor and other features such as wireless connectivity and Fast Intelligent AF, makes this camera one to grab. This may not be the latest model, but the body with a 28-70mm lens for under £800 is an absolute steal. 

2) Nikon 1 AW1

If you love getting outside and exploring the world around you, you're going to want to document it, however having to worry about keeping your gear safe will spoil the trip. Thats where the Nikon 1 Aw1 Steps in. Waterproof, Shockproof, freeze proof and finally dust proof, we think you'll have a hard time finding an environment where this camera can't churn out great quality images. With almost £150 off this great little camera, you'd be mad not to add it to your kit bag. 

3) Calumet Rolling case

On the subject of kit bags, how abut this one from Calumet? Us here at Motel personally use these bags so we can attest to their great versatility and durability. Whats the point in having all this great equipment if you can't store and travel with it all safely? With £60 off these great bags, now is the time to grab one for yourself!  

4) Panasonic Lumix G7 

Panasonic has been making some serious strides in recent years with their Gh2/3/4 which have constantly evolved and brought in big features such a 4K video. Now heres the little brother to their flagship the G7 at a crazy price. With features such as 4k video, 4k photo and good low light performance. This is a first exploration into 4K or as a excellent B roll camera. And at £339 with a 14-42mm lens this is probably one of the cheapest ways to get into 4K. 

5) Free 16gb SD Card

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 13.17.53.png

Ok, so it's not 100% free. You have to spend over £30 to get it, but with all the "Cyber Monday" deals on their website, that shouldn't be too hard. You can never have too much storage, and if you're going down the 4K route, you're going to need all you can get your hands on! 

If you'd like to shoot at MOTEL, why not pop in and visit us here in Shoreditch and take advantage of the excellent lighting packages and digital hire packages available for our regular photographer guests.




5 Great Photography Christmas Gift Ideas

We're sat in our Shoreditch photo studio watching the sun set earlier and earlier, wrapping up warm and scoffing mince pies, which can only mean one thing...It’s coming up to the festive season! Time for all you photographers to start writing your christmas lists. 

Unfortunately many of us won’t be expecting to find a new Leica SL under the tree, but we can dream right? Here we list a gift ideas for that happy snapper in your life, which won't make you take out a loan to buy them! 

  1. Phone lenses 
East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

 Now that pretty much all of us carry cameras in our pockets 24/7 in the shape of a phone, photography has never been more accessible. But no matter how many megapixels your phone has, it will always be behind a true DSLR in terms of quality due to the limitations of the lens. 

Thankfully help is at hand in the form of these lovely little cameraphone lenses. They suddenly give you the option to shoot macro pictures, as well as lovely wide fish eye shots! Prices start from around £13 for a single lens, so they can make great stocking fillers!

Take a peek here

2) Polaroids from your iPhone

East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

We all still love polaroids. They seem to have a special charm which no other camera can quite capture. Unfortunately, they aren't always practical. That's where the Instant Lab from the impossible project comes into play. It uses photos from your phone to make real polaroids. Yes, you too can shake it like a polaroid picture, well, because it is one!

Shake it like a polaroid picture here

3) Rode Video mic

East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

Now that many affordable DSLRs can shoot HD video, many photographers are trying their hand at cinematography. Unfortunately, while the video looks great, the audio can often be lacking due to poor built in microphones. Thankfully their are cheap and easy options to greatly improve this. The Rode GO mic attaches to the hot-shoe and connects through a 3.5mm jack which nearly all DSLR cameras will have. A great gift for someone who's looking to get into video. 

Listen in here

4) Sandisk Card -

East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

Whilst this isn’t the most exciting gif out there, it's one of the most useful. What good is the latest camera if you have nothing to store those amazing images on?! Plus with DSLRs shooting video up to 4k these days, you’ll need a fast card that can handle all that data!

Store your memories here

5) Go Pro hero - 

East London Photographic Studios. Shoreditch Photographic Studios

Go Pro is a name thats become synonymous with action sports recording. But you don’t have to be skiing down a mountain or swimming with jellyfish to warrant owning one of these. The low cost option linked here still produces great 1080p files and 5mp stills. Plus it is ready to stand up to nearly any challenge as it is totally water and shock proof. Having one of these in your bag can help you capture things simply not possible with DSLRs. In a photography setting they can be great for setting up and producing a time lapse of your shoot! At this price point, it’s a great little option. 

Capture everything here

So there we have it, 5 great gifts which could make you the most popular person on christmas morning! 

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The Upcycling Revolution Hits East London

This week the Upcycling Revolution is coming to Shoreditch and our studio space is the perfect East London venue to host it!

Upcycling guru Max McMurdo and the folks from Gumtree will be running these fantastic hands-on workshops across 3 days, showing the lucky attendees how to get the best from their old furniture, bric-a-brac and unloved items....

East London studio space. Event location in east london.
event hire space in east london

But what is Upcycling i hear you ask?! 
Upcycling is the task of revamping your unloved items and breathing a bit of life back into them. Be it a wardrobe, bed side table or even the garden shed, there isn't anything you can't bring back to life or turn into something new and exciting giving it a functional purpose once more.

The event is already sold out and we can't wait to see what people come up with!

photography studio in shoreditch, east london
east london photographic studio

Would you like to host your next event or workshop in our unique East London event space?
Why not pop on by or get in touch with us here in the office and see how we can help you out from catering packages, drinks service and furniture hire for all kinds of different events.

More stories from the blog....



Another esteemed visitor to our Shoreditch Studio....

east london photographic studio. shoreditch photographic studio. event space shoreditch

The team from Browse Magazine have become familiar faces here at our little photographic home in Shoreditch. The studio is always filled with an excitable atmosphere when they shoot alongside the ladies from Axon Publishing.

These latest pictures, which feature in the most recent copy of Browse magazine, see the introduction of show stopping metallics and bold shades alongside the close up striking details. The mixture of textures and the autumnal colour theme very got us excited about our winter jumpers which are soon to make their appearance from the wardrobe! 

east london photographic studio. shoreditch photographic studio. event space shoreditch
east london photographic studio. shoreditch photographic studio. event space shoreditch

The Team here at Motel were more than happy to advise on the best lighting packages to ensure the perfect outcome for this shoot, with the photographer opting for the BRIESE packs in the end. The BRIESE packs always deliver excellent results, and this can be seen very clearly in the final images above. 

If you'd like to shoot at MOTEL, why not pop in and visit us here in Shoreditch and take advantage of the excellent lighting packages and digital hire packages available for our regular photographer guests.