International music photographer Tom Oxley has shot countless famous faces, such as Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Liam Gallagher and Florence & The Machine to name a few, and we have been lucky enough to have some of these shoots happen here at Motel.

Every time we've had Tom shooting in the studio the atmosphere has been full of excitement and laughter. He has an easy and approachable manner which puts his subjects at ease and ultimately gives the results we see in printed form, or more likely, in digital form these days.

One of the aspects about Toms work that we really enjoy is his use of composition and the ability to lead your eye around the image without it seeming forced or too over crowded with un-necessary details.
Tom also has a great passion for portraits and video, which he has been developing in the "Moving Portraits" series which pushes the conventional portrait into a whole different world, allowing the viewer to see the sitter in their truest form, staring right back at the camera without any post production or tweaking afterwards.

All images © Tom Oxley