Tobi Jenkins is a still life and interiors photographer who works for a number of well known publications such as ES Magazine, The Independant and You Magazine.
Tobi has graced Motel a few times over the past couple of months and on each shoot we’re always very intrigued as to what will the filling the studio that day.
From outdoor furniture to an entire bedroom set, we’ve seen a lot of interesting set builds come through our doors. We'd love to show you but you'll have to wait until next month for the latest pics to be published!

One of the aspects we really enjoy about Tobi’s work are the colours. He has a great eye for making colours stand out and draw your eye around the image. The smaller details are never hidden in darkness, instead they stand proud and invite you in.
It is Tobi’s ability to take even the most normal and everyday objects, such as kitchen glassware or a shoebox, and turn them into something beautiful to look at, that make him one of our favourite still life photographers.

Tobi also dabbles in film photography, capturing the stunning landscapes of Canada on good old fashioned Kodak and Ilford film.

All images © Tobi Jenkins