Steve Neves has shot famous faces such as Eddie Redmayne, Andy Serkis, Steve Carell, for the likes of GQ, Sky One, BBC, US Esquire and Samsung, making him one of the UK's premier portrait and special effects photographers.

We have always been big fans of Steve's work and the variety of images that he creates. Our favourite images though are the ones that include something a little extra in the way of props or special effects, such as the shot of Andy Serkis and the parrot which has been composed in a way to incorporate the photo studio and its surroundings into the final image. But then when you start to look a little closer you realise the jungle backdrop appears to be creeping into the real world, wrapping its vines around the lighting stands and hanging from wires above the actors head.
It's these finer details and creative aspects in the images that makes Steves work such a joy to look at.
They really do make you stop and stare.

Steve is represented by Joon Represents,

All images © Steve Neaves