Portrait photographer Jon Enoch has worked for numerous well known clients, such as The Times, Skoda, Sport magazine, The Guardian and E.ON.

Jon always comes to Motel with interesting shoots and ideas. Just a few weeks ago he was recreating that classic british tradition, the picnic, and being England, the skies obliged and the rain came thick and fast. (luckily the shoot was indoors!)

Jon has an uncomplicated and calm approach to his work, and this shows in the results. He is able to bring out the personality of his sitters, which is not always an easy task, and they come alive in front of the camera. We really enjoy the variety within Jon's work and how he is able to create completely unique and engaging portraits.

Jon also has an ongoing project called 'Sport Uncovered', that looks at the idea of form and figure. By capturing British sports men and women in the nude we see them in what Jon describes as their "rawest form".


All images © Jon Enoch