Helen McArdle has worked for countless influential magazines, showing her skill and artistic eye in the fashion and beauty photography world.

We were lucky enough to have Helen shoot here at Motel a few weeks back and it was an absolute delight. The excitement on set and the ease at which everything seemed to flow made the shoot a great success. We cant wait to see the final photos!

The use of soft flattering lighting is one of the things we enjoy about Helens work. Her images have a delicate finish which invite you in and allow you explore the smaller areas of the image without feeling too overloaded with information. The variations of backdrop and location add that extra layer of storytelling, which allows Helen to play with the subject within its surroundings and give the viewer more than just a typical 'fashion shot'.


Helen is represented by Kayte Ellis Agency, www.kayteellisagency.com

All images © Helen McArdle