Fern Berresford is an award winning photographer and film maker and is a regular face over here at Motel. 

There is never a dull moment when Fern shoots. She has brought us a whole host of weird and wonderful shoots from a man bathing in a tub of alphabet spaghetti, a dark and sinister set build for a new 'evil' magazine and a more serious anti fox hunting campaign. 
The use of humor in Ferns images and the way she interacts with the subjects on set make for a very enjoyable final image. There are small details that reveal more than you might think when you first look at the images, and it takes a second glance to fully understand the whole story.

Fern has shot for a whole host of great clients such as PG Tips, Virgin and Fiat. She has also directed several successful commercials for Renault, Ebay and T-Mobile.

Fern is represented by Coy! Communications and Fat Lemon

All images © Fern Berresford