Fern Berresford

Fern Berresford is an award winning photographer and film maker and is a regular face over here at Motel. 

There is never a dull moment when Fern shoots. She has brought us a whole host of weird and wonderful shoots from a man bathing in a tub of alphabet spaghetti, a dark and sinister set build for a new 'evil' magazine and a more serious anti fox hunting campaign. 
The use of humor in Ferns images and the way she interacts with the subjects on set make for a very enjoyable final image. There are small details that reveal more than you might think when you first look at the images, and it takes a second glance to fully understand the whole story.

Fern has shot for a whole host of great clients such as PG Tips, Virgin and Fiat. She has also directed several successful commercials for Renault, Ebay and T-Mobile.
Fern is represented by Coy! Communications and Fat Lemon

All images © Fern Berresford



Ian Derry

Ian Derry is an editorial and advertising photographer, specialising in celebrity portraits and sports photography.

Ian is a new comer to Motel but we throughly enjoyed having him in the studio. He was armed with a whole host of lights for his shoot, and quite rightly so, as he was shooting 3 different looks and setups for Channel 4. It was a jam packed but very successful day all round!

Looking through Ian's photography we enjoy how you are drawn into his images, especially within the sports shots.
The positioning and composition of the figures catches the eye and take you deep into the heart of the image. The use of surrounding space doesn't distract from the main element, instead it helps to enhance the image and provides essential space (where needed) and finer details, that tell the story and give us as the viewer an understanding of where we are and essentially sets the scene.

All images © Ian Derry



Steve Neaves

Steve Neves has shot famous faces such as Eddie Redmayne, Andy Serkis, Steve Carell, for the likes of GQ, Sky One, BBC, US Esquire and Samsung, making him one of the UK's premier portrait and special effects photographers.

We have always been big fans of Steve's work and the variety of images that he creates. Our favourite images though are the ones that include something a little extra in the way of props or special effects, such as the shot of Andy Serkis and the parrot which has been composed in a way to incorporate the photo studio and its surroundings into the final image. But then when you start to look a little closer you realise the jungle backdrop appears to be creeping into the real world, wrapping its vines around the lighting stands and hanging from wires above the actors head.
It's these finer details and creative aspects in the images that makes Steves work such a joy to look at.
They really do make you stop and stare.

Steve is represented by Joon Represents,

All images © Steve Neaves 



Tom Oxley

International music photographer Tom Oxley has shot countless famous faces, such as Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Liam Gallagher and Florence & The Machine to name a few, and we have been lucky enough to have some of these shoots happen here at Motel.

Every time we've had Tom shooting in the studio the atmosphere has been full of excitement and laughter. He has an easy and approachable manner which puts his subjects at ease and ultimately gives the results we see in printed form, or more likely, in digital form these days.

One of the aspects about Toms work that we really enjoy is his use of composition and the ability to lead your eye around the image without it seeming forced or too over crowded with un-necessary details.
Tom also has a great passion for portraits and video, which he has been developing in the "Moving Portraits" series which pushes the conventional portrait into a whole different world, allowing the viewer to see the sitter in their truest form, staring right back at the camera without any post production or tweaking afterwards.

All images © Tom Oxley



Jon Enoch

Portrait photographer Jon Enoch has worked for numerous well known clients, such as The Times, Skoda, Sport magazine, The Guardian and E.ON.

Jon always comes to Motel with interesting shoots and ideas. Just a few weeks ago he was recreating that classic british tradition, the picnic, and being England, the skies obliged and the rain came thick and fast. (luckily the shoot was indoors!)

Jon has an uncomplicated and calm approach to his work, and this shows in the results. He is able to bring out the personality of his sitters, which is not always an easy task, and they come alive in front of the camera. We really enjoy the variety within Jon's work and how he is able to create completely unique and engaging portraits.

Jon also has an ongoing project called 'Sport Uncovered', that looks at the idea of form and figure. By capturing British sports men and women in the nude we see them in what Jon describes as their "rawest form".

All images © Jon Enoch



Tobi Jenkins

Tobi Jenkins is a still life and interiors photographer who works for a number of well known publications such as ES Magazine, The Independant and You Magazine.
Tobi has graced Motel a few times over the past couple of months and on each shoot we’re always very intrigued as to what will the filling the studio that day.
From outdoor furniture to an entire bedroom set, we’ve seen a lot of interesting set builds come through our doors. We'd love to show you but you'll have to wait until next month for the latest pics to be published!

One of the aspects we really enjoy about Tobi’s work are the colours. He has a great eye for making colours stand out and draw your eye around the image. The smaller details are never hidden in darkness, instead they stand proud and invite you in.
It is Tobi’s ability to take even the most normal and everyday objects, such as kitchen glassware or a shoebox, and turn them into something beautiful to look at, that make him one of our favourite still life photographers.

Tobi also dabbles in film photography, capturing the stunning landscapes of Canada on good old fashioned Kodak and Ilford film.

All images © Tobi Jenkins



Helen McArdle

Helen McArdle has worked for countless influential magazines, showing her skill and artistic eye in the fashion and beauty photography world.

We were lucky enough to have Helen shoot here at Motel a few weeks back and it was an absolute delight. The excitement on set and the ease at which everything seemed to flow made the shoot a great success. We cant wait to see the final photos!

The use of soft flattering lighting is one of the things we enjoy about Helens work. Her images have a delicate finish which invite you in and allow you explore the smaller areas of the image without feeling too overloaded with information. The variations of backdrop and location add that extra layer of storytelling, which allows Helen to play with the subject within its surroundings and give the viewer more than just a typical 'fashion shot'.

Helen is represented by Kayte Ellis Agency,

All images © Helen McArdle



Matt Holyoak

Matt Holyoak has made a name for himself as one of the leading portrait and fashion photographers in the UK, working for magazines such as Another Magazine, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and Rolling Stone.


Matt recently visited Motel to shoot a really interesting concept with smoke machines, forest backdrops, and Celebrity Big Brother presenters Rylan Clark and Emma Willis. The energy and excitement on set was infectious, and it quickly spread across the studio.

We're big fans of Matt's work here at Motel. His portraits always use light beautifully to connect with the subject.

We especially love the images he produces using intricate set designs and backdrops, such as the advertising campaign for ITV's Titanic series. His clever use of composition, eye trickery and creative camera skills add multiple layers to his images, creating a narrative. 

Matt also works with moving image and has started work on his first photographic book.

Matt is represented by Katye Ellis Agency:

All images © Matt Holyoak